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On March 16, 2023, the bioethicist and philosopher Prof. Dr. Mark Schweda will speak about "Ethische Aspekte des medizinischen Kampfes gegen das Altern" in the public lecture series "Science & Society."

Science & Society

Words such as "challenges" or "difficulties" are often linked to the phenomenon of our aging society. But why does the lifespan continually increase? What does this mean for society and economics? What opportunities does the demographic change offer?

With the public lecture series "Science & Society", the Leibniz Institute on Aging (FLI) and the Beutenberg-Campus e.V. want to add a social perspective to the aging research in Jena.


We are pleased to welcome the bioethicist and philosopher Prof. Dr. Mark Schweda as the next speaker of our public lecture series "Science & Society".

Since the 1990s, there have been increasing efforts in medicine and the life sciences to "combat aging". 

With the help of medical-technical procedures, the aging process is to be delayed, brought to a standstill or even reversed and human life considerably prolonged.

Prof. Dr. Mark Schweda is an bioethicist and philosopher and heads the Department of Ethics in Medicine at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. He is interested in the role of modern medicine for our self-understanding of life and our lifestyles.

A particular focus is on the questions of aging, the lifespan, and human temporality in general. Thus, he investigates the influence of new possibilities of medical prevention on individual lifestyles, the role of medical treatments and (information) technical support for a good life in old age, and the significance of changing scientific concepts and cultural patterns of interpretation of dementia.

The lecture "Ethische Aspekte des medizinischen Kampfes gegen das Altern" will give an overview of the different aims and methods of the medical fight against aging. Subsequently, the ethical aspects of this development will be discussed in more detail in the next lecture event of the public lecture series "Science & Society".

Questions will be mentioned concerning individual and social chances and risks, the meaning of mortality for a good life as well as the basics of intergenerational justice.

When?    March 16, 2023, 4:45 pm (Deutsche Bahn delay)

Where?   Lecture hall, Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg


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The lecture will be held in German.