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On September 28, 2023, Prof. Dr. med. Julia Stingl, pharmacologist at the University Hospital of RWTH Aachen, will give a lecture on "Drug cocktails - the new fuel in old age?" in the public lecture series "Science & Society". All interested parties are cordially invited to this event.

Science & Society

Words such as "challenges" or "difficulties" are often linked to the phenomenon of our aging society. But why does the lifespan continually increase? What does this mean for society and economics? What opportunities does the demographic change offer?

With the public lecture series "Science & Society", the Leibniz Institute on Aging (FLI) and the Beutenberg-Campus e.V. want to add a social perspective to the aging research in Jena.


We are very pleased to welcome the clinical pharmacologist, Prof. Dr. med. Julia Stingl, as the next speaker in our public lecture series "Science & Society".

Drugs are substances that are extensively tested for their pharmacological effects in the human body prior to their use in therapy. Nevertheless, there are considerable differences in drug effects when they are used in different patients. Why?

Prof. Dr. Julia Stingl is Head of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology at the University Hospital of RWTH Aachen. Among other things, the institute investigates the variability of drug interactions and side effects as well as the characteristics of how patients respond to therapies. This research should help to understand how drugs work in people and what risk profiles can lead to the occurrence of adverse drug reactions and cause harm. After all, a drug therapy is considered successful only when the benefits (efficacy) outweigh the harms (side effects).

The safety and efficacy of therapies - together with the patient's personal characteristics (genetics, weight, height and gender) - are significantly influenced by the patient's age. In addition, older adults often take several drugs simultaneously, leading to interactions with other drugs, which in turn can exacerbate side effects (polypharmacy).

The goal of clinical pharmacology is therefore to understand the causes of variability in drug therapy efficacy and tolerability, and to use this knowledge to develop approaches to personalized medicine that incorporates patients' risk profiles into treatment decisions for a customized therapy.

Prof. Stingl will talk about her research on variability in the efficacy and tolerability of drug therapy, explain important aspects of polypharmacy and present studies that are being conducted in the Polypharmacy Ambulance at the University Hospital Aachen together with geriatric medicine during her lecture "Drug cocktails - the new fuel in old age?" (Medikamenten-Cocktails - der neue Sprit im Alter?).

When?    September 28, 2023, 4:00 pm

Where?   Lecture hall, Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg

Everyone is cordially invited to the event!

The event will be supported by the Gottschalk Foundation.


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The lecture will be held in German.