Science & Society - Markus Melchers - REPEAT DATE


Due to the great interest, on September 17, 2021, the philosopher Markus Melchers ("Sinn auf Rädern") from Bonn will once again speak in the public lecture series "Science & Society" about "Wenn ich einmal alt bin. Zum Verhältnis von Alter und Philosophischer Praxis".

Science & Society - Repeat date

Words such as "challenges" or "difficulties" are often linked to the phenomenon of our aging society. But why does the lifespan continually increase? What does this mean for society and economics? What opportunities does the demographic change offer?

With the public lecture series "Science & Society", the Leibniz Institute on Aging (FLI) and the Leibniz Research Alliance Healthy Ageing together with the Beutenberg-Campus e.V. want to add a social perspective to the aging research in Jena.

We are happy to welcome the philosopher Markus Melchers from Bonn again to our next public lecture series "Science & Society".


With age comes wisdom, as the saying goes. But what is the relationship between wisdom and age? Can we today - in the digital age - still draw on the "knowledge of the ancients"? Don't today's young people have a lot ahead of the "old ones"?

Old age, often associated with retirement, often comes far too early and often hits the individual unprepared. Is it possible to prepare for one's own aging? And if so, what should this look like?
These and other questions will be discussed in the next event of the public lecture series "Science & Society" (Zoom Meeting).

At the beginning of his lecture, Markus Melchers will briefly introduce the "Philosophical Practice" and explain how it works. In the second part he will shed light on the relationship between wisdom and old age? Can we still draw on the "knowledge of the ancients" today? Is the wisdom of the old, in addition to their greater life experience per se, also due to the fact that they have gained a greater distance from conflict? What has changed in recent years in the wake of digitalization? Is it possible to prepare for one's own aging?

Together with the audience, Markus Melchers would like to outline and discuss theses on a possible ability to age.

When? 17. September, 10 am

Where? online via Zoom Meeting

The "Science & Society" lecture will take place online (via Zoom-Meeting). Access information will be provided promptly after registration. 

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The lecture will be held in German.