Long Night of Sciences


The "6th Long Night of Sciences" will take place in Jena on November 24th. The FLI will actively participate again and will have its doors open to the interested public from 6 pm to midnight.

Healthy Aging?

Fit and healthy into senior years - How can Aging Research help?

Aging is a very complex process, which is affected by genes as well as environmental factors. At the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI) in Jena we try to find answers on questions like: Which factors have an influence on aging? Why and how do we age? And what goes wrong if we develop age-related diseases?

It is our longterm goal to decode the basic mechanisms of aging in order to treat aging-associated malfunctions and diseases. In the long run, this will help people to stay healthy and strong well into their senior years and to enjoy this longer life expectancy.

On occasion of the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft", our scientists will answer your questions on aging research and their current projects. Learn about our stem cell and cancer research, about how genes impact aging, or how homone and immune system change during life.

Get in touch with aging research by means of posters, presentations, movies, guided laboratory tours and a lot of interactive games and gain fascinating insights into this highly interesting field of biomedical research.

All those interested are warmly welcome - whether young or old!



An African Fish as Aging Supermodel 
(18.00-24.00 / presentation)
High-speed aging - How an African fish helps to understand the aging process

Being Old - How Does That Feel? 
(18.00-24.00 / different aging simulations)
How does it feel to be "old"? - Pass by and try!

Demographic Change - What Does That Mean? 
(18.00-24.00 / demonstration)
Age pyramids in the course of time

FLI - Remarkable Research Environment 
(18.00-24.00 / guided tour / max. 10 persons)
Guided tours through the new lab buildung & the exhibition "Kunst am Bau"

Projection on FLI Outside Walls - Impressions from Beutenberg 
(18.00-24.00 / projection)
Excellent research at Beutenberg - Front illumination "Life Sciences & Physics"

The Code of Life - Create your own DNA 
(18.00-24.00 / crafting)
Translate your name into the DNA code & create your own little gem

The Key to Immortality: Planarian 
(18.00 - 24.00 / demonstration)
The regenerative capacity of planarians is huge. What can we learn from them?


Information for Visitors

Visitors of "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" agree that during the event pictures can be taken, distributed or published by the organizers without the visitor being asked or paid. This includes public relations, editorials in publications, advertisements, print media, posters and internet/social media. This is also valid for underaged visitors, who are accompagnied by their legal representatives or parents. This agreement is unlimited as regards space and time.