Girl's and Boy's Day | Forsche Schüler Tag 2017


On April 27, FLI will take part in German-wide "Girl's and Boy's Day" with our "Forsche Schüler Tag".

The "Forsche Schüler Tag" offers the opportunity for 12 high school students to take a look behind the scenes of a research institute. Several lectures, talks, laboratory experiments and games aim to awaken students' interest in biomedical science as a possible professional field.


09:00-09:30    Introduction

09:30-09:45    Information on Apprenticeships at FLI

10:00-11:00    DNA isolation (laboratory experiment)

11:15-11:30    Lecture: Fish & Aging - How does that fit together?

11:30-12:45    Encode your name in DNA

13:00-13:30    Lecture "School time is over - And now?" & Certificates