"We are very diverse"

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The "Games Night" at the FLI is open to games enthusiasts from the institute.

Jena. The "Games Night" at the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI) is a permanent fixture among the research institution's internal events. Anyone who is interested in board and card games and enjoys playing them together can take part. "We are very diverse," explains Michael Reuter, postdoctoral researcher in Helen Morrison's research group and co-organizer of the Games Night. "Anyone can come along, get to know the games and people and decide whether it's the right thing for them," he explains. There have already been participants from every area of the institute - from doctoral students to professors, from animal husbandry to the service facilities.

The idea for "Games Night" came from Lars Björn Riecken from the same research group and animal house manager Hellen Ahrens in 2016. "There was already a small group of players who sometimes caused irritation among the security staff late at night," reports Michael Reuter. It was therefore an obvious step to declare this round an official institute event.

Ongoing renovation work and the recent pandemic have not dampened the joy of playing at the FLI. And board game enthusiasts could soon switch from the virtual game boards back to the real thing: "We want to continue on-site after Easter and, at best, discontinue the Zoom meetings," announces Reuter. At the moment, up to six players regularly take part in the "Games Night". By reintroducing in-person evenings, the group hopes to gain new momentum with more people willing to play. "Ultimately, the best thing about gaming is always the direct interaction. You get to talk in a relaxed way and have a good time together. That's simply unbeatable in person."

And what is played at the FLI Games Night?

"Definitely not 'Mensch ärgere Dich nicht' or 'Monopoly'. That's a no-go among game connoisseurs," says Reuter with a laugh. Depending on who comes to Games Night, games that are compatible for everyone are selected at the beginning. "Wizard", "Seven Wonders", "Bang!", "Challengers", "Vale of Eternity", "Crazy words", "Just one"; Tiny Epic Dungeons", "Via Magica" and "Code names" are among the favorites. Up to four games are played on one evening - online from 7 pm to 10 pm. In person, a Games Night can sometimes last longer.

Incidentally, you can't do without nourishment. "Before corona, everyone either brought something with them or we ordered pizza. And sweets are compulsory anyway," says Michael Reuter with a wink and cordially invites you to the next edition: This will take place as a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, 23.04.24, from 7.00 pm.

"Games Night is ultimately a good opportunity to get to know people from different areas in a relaxed atmosphere. This sometimes reduces inhibitions about approaching people at work later on," Michael Reuter advertises. "Regardless of whether someone is a beginner or an expert, we look forward to meeting all interested parties!"

So don't delay - the link for the next Games Night is available from the game master himself: michael.reuter@~@leibniz-fli.de.