School Scientists at FLI


On 28 March 2019, students had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of research at FLI.

At the "Forsche Schüler Tag" at the FLI, our young guests attended lectures on various topics of aging research. In his talk, Dr. Danny Schnerwitzki explained the influence of genes on movement. Dr. Julia von Maltzahn gave an insight into her research on muscle stem cells and the changes that occur during aging and disease. Trainees from the trainings biology laboratory assistant and animal caretaker research/clinics reported on their work and training.

At the end of the event all participating students met in the lecture hall at the Beutenberg Campus, where Prof. Dr. Peter Zipfel, chairman of the board of the Beutenberg Campus Jena e.V., gave tips and ideas when “Schooldays are over – now for the rest of your life”.

The "Forsche Schüler Tag" is an initiative for career orientation for girls and boys at the Beutenberg Campus Jena. The day takes place at the same time as Girls’ and Boys’ Day.