Molecular biologist Clara Correia-Melo heads new research group at FLI

Clara Correia-Melo will head a new junior research group on "Microbiome and Metabolism" at FLI. Start date is February 2023.

"We are delighted that Clara Correia-Melo, a molecular biologist with a consistent methodological reference to aging research, will take over the new research group and strengthen research at FLI," said Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim, Scientific Director of FLI. "With her focus on metabolic processes, she will significantly contribute to a better understanding of the interactions between host organism and microbiome in aging."

Clara Correia-Melo comes from the Francis Crick Institute in London & the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, where she researches the interplay between metabolism and aging. She takes a multidisciplinary approach that combines classical cellular and molecular biology with metabolomics approaches, and human and microbial physiology. At the FLI she plans to focus on mechanistically exploring how the biochemical crosstalk between cells impacts health and disease. Understanding the underlying biochemical mechanisms could provide starting points for novel metabolism-targeted therapies in the future.