FLI Seminar with Thomas Vogl: Deciphering human antibody repertoires against the microbiome in health and disease


On June 13, 2023, 4 p.m., systems immunologist and data scientist Dr. Thomas Vogl from the Center of Cancer Research, Medical University of Vienna, will present current findings from his lab. In their research, Vogl and his colleagues implement a novel high-throughput immunoassay to measure antibody responses against hundreds of thousands of antigens in parallel.

The Vogl lab combines methods of experimental biology (robotic high-throughput immunoassays) and data science (machine learning, bioinformatics) to gain a holistic view of interactions of the microbiota with the adaptive immune system. The current conception of antibody repertoires is mostly based on DNA sequencing of the corresponding B-cell receptor (BCR) genes, whereas the actual antigens recognized are vastly unknown. The Vogl lab strives to unravel the functional capacity of these enormous immune repertoires targeting microbiota and aims to shed light on their role in different disease contexts such as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease etc.

Technology to study the interplay of immune system and microbiota in various diseases

The underlying high-throughput phage display system has already been published (Vogl et al., 2021, Nature Medicine) and further been used to study different diseases such as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) (Vogl et al., 2022, Science Advances), as well as coronaviruses (Klompus et al., 2021, Science Immunology), and different antigen sets (Leviatan et al., 2022, Immunity).

This talk will encompass a summary of these efforts, as well as an outlook on how this platform technology can be leveraged in a plethora of ways to explore the interplay of the human immune system and microbiota in cancer, aging, and immune mediates diseases.

Thomas Vogl is a group leader at the Center for Cancer Research, Medical University of Vienna, and his project “EarlyMicroAbs" is supported by an ERC Starting Grant. The goal is to investigate the interaction between the human immune system and the gut microbiome in the development of the immune system and to identify interrelationships and lasting effects on human health. Before coming to Vienna in August 2022, Thomas Vogl was a senior postdoc at the Diagnostics & Research Center for Molecular Biomedicine at the Medical University of Graz.

Title of the talk: Deciphering human antibody repertoires against the microbiome in health and disease
When: Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 4 p.m.
Where: Seminar room „Nucleus“, main building (FLI 1), Beutenbergstraße 11, Jena
Host: Katarzyna Winek (Group Leader: Microbiome in Stroke and Aging)

The seminar will take place as a hybrid event.

In case you can’t make to the FLI, please join us online:
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