Cell biologist Janine Kirstein comes to FLI

Prof. Dr. Janine Kirstein will head a new research group on the biochemistry of aging at the FLI next year. The position comes with a W3 professorship at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, for which Kirstein has accepted the call.

"We are delighted that Prof. Kirstein has accepted our offer to lead a senior group at the FLI. We are looking forward with high expectations to the start of the group scheduled for early summer 2023," said Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim, Scientific Director of the FLI.

Janine Kirstein currently teaches and conducts research at the University of Bremen in the Department of Biology/Chemistry. Her research group "Cell Biology" focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying protein homeostasis and how these change during the aging process. Kirstein is also project leader of the DFG research group "Membrane trafficking processes underlying presynaptic proteostasis".