3rd German p53 Workshop


The 3rd German p53 Workshop will take place in Jena, from Monday, September 19th, to Tuesday, September 20th organized by Christine Blattner from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Martin Fischer from Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI).


The transcription factor p53 is the arguably best-known tumor suppressor that is mutated in approximately the half of all human cancers and dysregulated in many more. It is the most studied gene and protein with more than 110,000 publications in PubMed. Despite the vast body of literature, much remains to be understood regarding the molecular mechanisms elicited by p53 in different contexts.

Since 2017, the bi-annual German p53 Workshop brings together leading experts in the field working in Germany. Following a delay caused by the Corona-pandemic, we are looking forward to host the 3rd German p53 Workshop at the FLI in Jena.

Preliminary Programme

Monday (19 September 2022)

1:00 pm   Welcome (Christine Blattner & Martin Fischer)

Session: The role of p53 in development and disease (Chair: Christine Blattner)

1:15 pm   Analysis of the p53/miR-34 axis in colorectal cancer (Heiko Hermeking)

1:45 pm   The role of p53 in the cellular radiation response and late normal-tissue reaction after radiotherapy (Carsten Herskind)

2:15 pm   DNA damage response in neurogenesis (Zhao-Qi Wang)

2:45 pm   Role of p53 in gastrointestinal and gender-related infections and pathogenesis (Thomas Meyer)

3:15 pm   Coffee break and Posters

Session: p53 in DNA replication and genome regulation (Chair: Klaus Römer)

4:30 pm   Non-canonical functions of p53 in DNA replication (Lisa Wiesmüller)

5:00 pm   Keeping the guardian alert: how the p53 network differentiates between acute and sustained DNA damage (Alexander Löwer)

5:30 pm   Regulation of stochastic gene expression in single cells by the dynamic p53 response to genotoxic stress (Flavia Vigliotti)

Transfer (individual) to Jena city center, restaurant “Zur Noll”

7:00 pm   Dinner (https://zurnoll.com/)

Tuesday (20 September 2022)

Transfer (individual) to FLI

Session: Genome regulation by p53 (Chair: Alexander Löwer)

8:15 am   Ki-67 expression: Cell cycle regulation by the p53-p21-RB and DREAM pathways (Kurt Engeland)

8:45 am   The p53-RFX7/ANKRA2 signaling axis (Katjana Schwab)

9:05 am   MDM2 binds KDM2A/B and associates at CpG islands to repress global transcription (Sabrina Gerber)

9:35 am   Deciphering the function of closely spaced promoters with the help of p53 (Martin Fischer)

10:05 am   Coffee break and Posters

Session: p53 family and mutants (Chair: Martin Fischer)

11:00 am   DARPins as tools to investigate the p53 family (Volker Dötsch)

11:30 am   A CRISPR view of the TP53 mutome (Thorsten Stiewe)

12:00 am   Stabilized p53 mutants: Regulators of cellular plasticity and invasion in cancer (Ramona Schulz-Heddergott)

12:30 am   Targeting the p53 mutome for cancer therapy: From guardian angels to life at the abyss (Andreas Jörger)

1:00 pm   Concluding Remarks


Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI)
Beutenbergstr. 11, 07745 Jena, Seminar Room ,”Nucleus”

Contact & Registration


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Hotel Steigenberger Esplanade

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