Innovative mitochondrial disease research receives funding boost in Jena

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Dr. Kanstantsin Siniuk, postdoctoral researcher in the project group of Dr. Helmut Pospiech at the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI) Jena, has secured a 96,000 euro grant from the BMBF's GO-Bio initial program for his pioneering project on mitochondrial and neurodegenerative disease treatments.

Jena. His project, focusing on drugs that enhance mitochondrial metabolism, owes much to the SPARK program at FLI, led by Dr. Sonja Schätzlein. "Our research benefited greatly from the SPARK program," Dr. Siniuk remarks. "The expert guidance there was instrumental in securing the BMBF grant." Dr. Schätzlein adds, "Our goal is to empower scientists like Dr. Siniuk to translate their discoveries into medical solutions."

Dr. Siniuk explains the project's approach: "Most existing treatments are limited to managing symptoms. Our project aims to impact the root causes of these conditions." He emphasizes the BMBF grant's importance: "This grant is not just financial aid; it's a key enabler for us to move closer to clinical application."

Dr. Schätzlein also stresses the significance of this funding, "This cost-intensive research cannot be covered by our own funds. Thanks to this funding, we are one step closer to developing an effective therapy." The collaboration and support from the SPARK program played a crucial role in achieving this milestone, illustrating the power of combining scientific innovation with translational approach.