Embryonic Genes Cause Muscle Aging

Nature, December 2016:

Back to the Start: Re-activation of Embryonic Genes Leads to Muscle Aging

The faulty re-activation of embryonic genes causes muscle aging. This paradox result is one of the outcomes of FLI's recent Nature publication.

Here, you can find additional information, short video-interviews with the authors and additional graphs and pictures for download.

Video Interviews with the Authors

Dr. Stefan Tümpel

What are HOX-Genes?

(Answered by Stefan Tümpel)

Simon Schwörer

What is the EPIGENOME?

(Answered by Simon Schwörer)

The authors

(FLI-authors discussing the paper graphs)

Pictures for Download

Muscle Regeneration
Satellite Cells
Regenerative Medicine?
Summary of Results
Nature paper: Authors
Re-activation of Developmental Pathways
Re-activation of Developmental Pathways (colored)

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The Nature-paper authors at FLI

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