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According to the German regulations on contract awards (VOL, VOB) under-limit tenders and to the Thuringian administrative act on the award of public contracts (ThürVgG), the FLI publishes its placed orders, which don’t result from tenders with a public call for competition (restricted calls and freehand orders).

Further, current tender invitations are listed.

According to VOL/A

Current invitation to tender:

AS 18 / 2018
Lieferung, Installation und funktionsfähige Übergabe von 2 Stück Laminar-Flow-Anlagen

AS 15 / 2018
Lieferung, Installation und funktionsfähige Übergabe von Tierhausequipment in Losen

AS 13 / 2018
Rahmenvertrag für die Gesundheitskontrollen von Labormäusen

Placed orders:

AS 12 / 2018
Los 1 – PyroMark Q48 Autoprep + Zubehör
Los 2 – Lizenzverlängerung IPA with Advances Analytcs LCL

Contracts for Freelance Services

Current invitation to tender:

There are currently no tenders available.

Placed orders:

There is no information available at this time.

According to VOB/A

Current invitation to tender:

BO 09/2018
Montage, Umbau, Inbetriebnahme von Metall-Glas-Türen
Baumaßnahme BO 09/2018 Vergabe VE 01 Stahltüren Umbau

Placed orders:

BO 01/2018
Lieferung, Installation, Inbetriebnahme von Splitkälteanlagen
Baumaßnahme BO 01/2018 Vergabe VE 01 Kälteinstallation



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Uwe Roth

Uwe Roth
Head of Purchasing
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Dr. Christian Graudenz

Christian Graudenz
Head of Building and Facility Management
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