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  • Bacterial L-forms.
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  • Exogenous brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) reverts phenotypic changes in the retinas of transgenic mice lacking the BDNF gene.
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  • Conditional inactivation of the NBS1 gene in the mouse central nervous system leads to neurodegeneration and disorganization of the visual system.
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  • The prolyl cis/trans isomerase cyclophilin 18 interacts with the tumor suppressor p53 and modifies its functions in cell cycle regulation and apoptosis.
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  • A lytic enzyme cocktail from Streptomyces sp. B578 for the control of lactic and acetic acid bacteria in wine.
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  • Klotho is a substrate for alpha-, beta- and gamma-secretase.
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  • Steady state microtubules and GTP hydrolysis.
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  • A highly conserved retinoic acid responsive element controls wt1a expression in the zebrafish pronephros.
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  • Sequence-specific physical properties of African green monkey alpha-satellite DNA contribute to centromeric heterochromatin formation.
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