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  • Author Correction: Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes identifies driver rearrangements promoted by LINE-1 retrotransposition.
    Rodriguez-Martin B, Alvarez EG, Baez-Ortega A, Zamora J, Supek F, Demeulemeester J, Santamarina M, Ju YS, Temes J, Garcia-Souto D, Detering H, Li Y, Rodriguez-Castro J, Dueso-Barroso A, Bruzos AL, Dentro SC, Blanco MG, Contino G, Ardeljan D, Tojo M, Roberts ND, Zumalave S, Edwards PA, Weischenfeldt J, Puiggròs M, Chong Z, Chen K, Lee EA, Wala JA, Raine KM, Butler A, Waszak SM, Navarro FCP, Schumacher SE, Monlong J, Maura F, Bolli N, Bourque G, Gerstein M, Park PJ, Wedge DC, Beroukhim R, Torrents D, Korbel JO, Martincorena I, Fitzgerald RC, Van Loo P, Kazazian HH, Burns KH, PCAWG Structural Variation Working Group, Campbell PJ, Tubio JMC, PCAWG Consortium
    Nat Genet 2023, 55(6), 1080
  • Gene regulatory network inference with popInfer reveals dynamic regulation of hematopoietic stem cell quiescence upon diet restriction and aging.
    Rommelfanger* MK, Behrends* M, Chen Y, Martinez J, Bens M, Xiong L, Rudolph** KL, MacLean** AL
    bioRxiv 2023, 10.1101/2023.04.18.537360 * equal contribution, ** co-corresponding authors
  • The African killifish: A short-lived vertebrate model to study the biology of sarcopenia and longevity.
    Ruparelia AA, Salavaty A, Barlow CK, Lu Y, Sonntag C, Hersey L, Eramo MJ, Krug J, Reuter H, Schittenhelm RB, Ramialison M, Cox A, Ryan MT, Creek DJ, Englert C, Currie PD
    Aging Cell 2023 (epub ahead of print)
  • ABRAXAS1 orchestrates BRCA1 activities to counter genome destabilizing repair pathways-lessons from breast cancer patients.
    Sachsenweger J, Jansche R, Merk T, Heitmeir B, Deniz M, Faust U, Roggia C, Tzschach A, Schroeder C, Riess A, Pospiech H, Peltoketo H, Pylkäs K, Winqvist R, Wiesmüller L
    Cell Death Dis 2023, 14(5), 328
  • Antioxidants Prevent the Effects of Physical Exercise on Visual Cortical Plasticity.
    Sansevero G, Consorti A, Di Marco I, Terzibasi Tozzini E, Cellerino** A, Sale** A
    Cells 2023, 12(1), ** co-senior authors
  • Metabololipidomic and proteomic profiling reveals aberrant macrophage activation and interrelated immunomodulatory mediator release during aging.
    Schädel P, Czapka A, Gebert N, Jacobsen ID, Ori** A, Werz** O
    Aging Cell 2023, 22(7), e13856 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Short-Term Caloric Restriction and Subsequent Re-Feeding Compromise Liver Health and Associated Lipid Mediator Signaling in Aged Mice.
    Schädel P, Wichmann-Costaganna M, Czapka A, Gebert N, Ori A, Werz O
    Nutrients 2023, 15(16), 3660
  • Adapting the pantograph limb: Differential robustness of fore- and hindlimb kinematics against genetically induced perturbation in the neural control networks and its evolutionary implications.
    Schnerwitzki D, Englert C, Schmidt M
    Zoology (Jena) 2023, 157, 126076
  • Dynamic DNA methylation reveals novel cis-regulatory elements in mouse hematopoiesis.
    Schönung M, Hartmann M, Krämer S, Stäble S, Hakobyan M, Kleinert E, Aurich T, Cobanoglu D, Heidel FH, Fröhling S, Milsom MD, Schlesner M, Lutsik P, Lipka DB
    Exp Hematol 2023, 117, 24-42.e7
  • Multi-omics analysis identifies RFX7 targets involved in tumor suppression and neuronal processes.
    Schwab K, Coronel L, Riege K, Sacramento EK, Rahnis N, Häckes D, Cirri E, Groth M, Hoffmann S, Fischer M
    CELL DEATH DISCOV 2023, 9(1), 80