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Ausgewählte Publikationen

  • Quality control mechanisms in cellular and systemic DNA damage responses.
    Ermolaeva** MA, Dakhovnik A, Schumacher** B
    Ageing Res Rev 2015, 23(Pt A), 3-11 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Systemic DNA damage responses: organismal adaptations to genome instability.
    Ermolaeva MA, Schumacher B
    Trends Genet 2014, 30(3), 95-102
  • Function of TRADD in tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 signaling and in TRIF-dependent inflammatory responses.
    Ermolaeva MA, Michallet MC, Papadopoulou N, Utermöhlen O, Kranidioti K, Kollias G, Tschopp J, Pasparakis M
    Nat Immunol 2008, 9(9), 1037-46
  • DNA damage in germ cells induces an innate immune response that triggers systemic stress resistance.
    Ermolaeva MA, Segref A, Dakhovnik A, Ou HL, Schneider JI, Utermöhlen O, Hoppe T, Schumacher B
    Nature 2013, 501(7467), 416-20
  • Insights from the worm: the C. elegans model for innate immunity.
    Ermolaeva MA, Schumacher B
    Semin Immunol 2014, 26(4), 303-9

Publikationen am FLI


  • Career pathways, part 8.
    Ermolaeva M, Boyman L
    Nat Metab 2022 (epub ahead of print)


  • Mitochondrial dysfunction and loss of metabolic plasticity cause a reversal of metformin longevity benefits in late life
    Dakhovnik O
    Dissertation 2021, Jena, Germany
  • MAPK10 Expression as a Prognostic Marker of the Immunosuppressive Tumor Microenvironment in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
    Li H, Li Y, Zhang Y, Tan B, Huang T, Xiong J, Tan X, Ermolaeva** MA, Fu** L
    Front Oncol 2021, 11, 687371 ** co-corresponding authors
  • An integrative understanding of the large metabolic shifts induced by antibiotics in critical illness.
    Marfil-Sánchez A, Zhang L, Alonso-Pernas P, Mirhakkak M, Mueller M, Seelbinder B, Ni Y, Santhanam R, Busch A, Beemelmanns C, Ermolaeva** M, Bauer** M, Panagiotou** G
    Gut Microbes 2021, 13(1), 1993598 ** co-corresponding authors


  • Loss of metabolic plasticity underlies metformin toxicity in aged Caenorhabditis elegans.
    Espada* L, Dakhovnik* A, Chaudhari* P, Martirosyan A, Miek L, Poliezhaieva T, Schaub Y, Nair A, Döring N, Rahnis N, Werz O, Koeberle A, Kirkpatrick J, Ori A, Ermolaeva MA
    Nat Metab 2020, 2(11), 1316-31 * equal contribution
  • Tissue-specific Gene Expression Changes Are Associated with Aging in Mice.
    Srivastava* A, Barth* E, Ermolaeva MA, Guenther M, Frahm C, Marz** M, Witte** OW
    Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 2020, 18(4), 430-42 * equal contribution, ** co-corresponding authors


  • Early-life Pb exposure as a potential risk factor for Alzheimer's disease: are there hazards for the Mexican population?
    Chin-Chan M, Cobos-Puc L, Alvarado-Cruz I, Bayar M, Ermolaeva M
    J Biol Inorg Chem 2019, 24(8), 1285-303
  • It is not all about regeneration: planarians striking power to stand starvation.
    Felix DA, Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez Ó, Espada L, Thems A, González-Estévez C
    Semin Cell Dev Biol 2019, 87, 169-81
  • Tissue-specific Gene Expression Changes Are Associated With Aging In Mice
    Srivastava A, Barth E, Ermolaeva M, Guenther M, Frahm C, Marz M, Witte OW
    Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 2019


  • Cellular and epigenetic drivers of stem cell ageing.
    Ermolaeva** M, Neri** F, Ori** A, Rudolph** KL
    Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2018, 19(9), 594-610 ** co-corresponding authors