CS Small Animal Computer Tomography

The Core Service provides access to two different small animal CT instruments. They allow for X-ray based imaging and analysis of organs and body composition (e.g. fat content, bones, tumors) in live animals. However, animals have to be sedated by appropriate means for the recording of the primary data.

Two CT scanners are available:

  • La Theta CT for X-ray-based scanning and 3D image reconstruction
  • IVIS Spectrum CT for X-ray-based scanning, additionally: fluorescence or phosphorescence based imaging.

All IVIS modalities can be used, also in combination, for volumetric and optical tomographic applications.

Time slots for the small animal CTs may be reserved here .

La Theta CT generated cross-sectional images of a mouse


Doreen May
Radiation Protection Commissioner
+49 3641 65-6231

Legal requirements to be met before accessing the CTs:

  • Radiation safety instruction - before starting and once every 12 months thereafter
  • Guest access – please inquire, contract required

Please, be aware that both CTs are housed in one of our animal facilities requiring access authorization by the responsible animal facility staff (contact: Hellen Ahrens, phone: 6606).

Internal Users:
Booking of time slots at the CTs

External Users:
Guest access – Please inquire, contract required.

Additional Links and Downloads:

Intranet - See available  Downloads  regarding:

  • FLI radiation protection instruction files
  • FLI CT Radiation Protection Directive (German only)
  • User Manual LaTheta and IVIS CT in German
  • User Manual LaTheta and IVIS CT in English
  • Organization of Radiation Protection at the FLI

Legal Regulations:


Patrick Elsner+49 3641 656062eMailStrahlenschutzbeauftragter
Doreen May+49 3641 656231/6759eMailStrahlenschutzbeauftragte

* unvollständig aufgrund DSGVO

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