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    • DNA-Damage-Induced Hormetic Responses
      Mägdefrau AS, Ludwig K, Weigel C, Köse N, Guerra GM, Dakhovnik A, Kosan C
      In: The Science of Hormesis in Health and Longevity, Chapter 13 (edited by Suresh ISR, Marios K) 2018, 149-159, Academic Press, London


    • DNA damage in protective and adverse inflammatory responses: Friend of foe?
      Poliezhaieva T, Ermolaeva M
      Mech Ageing Dev 2017, 165(Pt A), 47-53


    • DNA Damage as a Critical Factor of Stem Cell Aging and Organ Homeostasis
      Espada L, Ermolaeva MA
      Curr Stem Cell Rep 2016, 2, 290-8
    • The tumour suppressor CYLD regulates the p53 DNA damage response.
      Fernández-Majada V, Welz PS, Ermolaeva MA, Schell M, Adam A, Dietlein F, Komander D, Büttner R, Thomas RK, Schumacher B, Pasparakis M
      Nat Commun 2016, 7, 12508 published during change of institution