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  • A sequence-ready physical map of barley anchored genetically by two million single-nucleotide polymorphisms.
    Ariyadasa R, Mascher M, Nussbaumer T, Schulte D, Frenkel Z, Poursarebani N, Zhou R, Steuernagel B, Gundlach H, Taudien S, Felder M, Platzer M, Himmelbach A, Schmutzer T, Hedley P, Muehlbauer G, Scholz U, Korol A, Mayer K, Waugh R, Langridge P, Graner A, Stein N
    Plant Physiol 2014, 164(1), 412-23
  • HSP90 supports tumor growth and angiogenesis through PRKD2 protein stabilization.
    Azoitei N, Diepold K, Brunner C, Rouhi A, Genze F, Becher A, Kestler H, van Lint J, Chiosis G, Koren J, Fröhling S, Scholl C, Seufferlein T
    Cancer Res 2014, 74(23), 7125-36 published during change of institution
  • RNA-seq of the aging brain in the short-lived fish N. furzeri - conserved pathways and novel genes associated with neurogenesis.
    Baumgart* M, Groth* M, Priebe* S, Savino A, Testa G, Dix A, Ripa R, Spallotta F, Gaetano C, Ori M, Terzibasi Tozzini E, Guthke R, Platzer M, Cellerino A
    Aging Cell 2014, 13(6), 965-74 * equal contribution
  • Impact of genomic damage and ageing on stem cell function.
    Behrens A, van Deursen JM, Rudolph* KL, Schumacher B
    Nat Cell Biol 2014, 16(3), 201-7 * corresponding author, based on the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Symposium in Molecular Medicine
  • Analysis of disorder in tricalcium silicate by 29Si NMR spectroscopy and additional methods
    Bellmann F, Leppert J, Görlach M, Krbetschek M, Damidot D, Ludwig HM
    Cement Concrete Res 2014, 57, 105-16
  • Evidence for multiple functions of Aprataxin in DNA damage repair
    Bellstedt P
    Dissertation 2014, Jena, Germany
  • Sequential acquisition of multi-dimensional heteronuclear chemical shift correlation spectra with (1)H detection.
    Bellstedt P, Ihle Y, Wiedemann C, Kirschstein A, Herbst C, Görlach M, Ramachandran R
    Sci Rep 2014, 4, 4490
  • Wnt7a stimulates myogenic stem cell motility and engraftment resulting in improved muscle strength.
    Bentzinger* CF, von Maltzahn* J, Dumont NA, Stark DA, Wang YX, Nhan K, Frenette J, Cornelison DDW, Rudnicki MA
    J Cell Biol 2014, 205(1), 97-111 * equal contribution, published during change of institution
  • Chlamydia psittaci inclusion membrane protein IncB associates with host protein Snapin.
    Böcker S, Heurich A, Franke C, Monajembashi S, Sachse K, Saluz HP, Hänel F
    Int J Med Microbiol 2014, 304(5-6), 542-53
  • Kinesin-dependent motility generation as target mechanism of cadmium intoxication.
    Böhm KJ
    Toxicol Lett 2014, 224(3), 356-61