Ehemalige Forschungsgruppe Wang



  • C620R mutation of the murine ret proto-oncogene: loss of function effect in homozygotes and possible gain of function effect in heterozygotes.
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  • Poly(ADP-ribose) accumulation and enhancement of postischemic brain damage in 110-kDa poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase null mice.
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  • Poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase activity mediates post-traumatic inflammatory reaction after experimental spinal cord trauma.
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  • Gene expression profiling in insulinomas of Men1 beta-cell mutant mice reveals early genetic and epigenetic events involved in pancreatic beta-cell tumorigenesis.
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  • Epigenetic information in chromatin: the code of entry for DNA repair.
    Loizou JI, Murr R, Finkbeiner MG, Sawan C, Wang ZQ, Herceg Z
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  • Histone acetylation by Trrap-Tip60 modulates loading of repair proteins and repair of DNA double-strand breaks.
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    Nat Cell Biol 2006, 8(1), 91-9 published during change of institution
  • Aflatoxin-B exposure does not lead to p53 mutations but results in enhanced liver cancer of Hupki (human p53 knock-in) mice.
    Tong WM, Lee MK, Galendo D, Wang ZQ, Sabapathy K
    Int J Cancer 2006, 119(4), 745-9 published during change of institution
  • A novel function of DNA repair molecule Nbs1 in terminal differentiation of the lens fibre cells and cataractogenesis.
    Yang YG, Frappart PO, Frappart L, Wang ZQ, Tong WM
    DNA Repair 2006, 5(8), 885-93 published during change of institution
  • Conditional deletion of Nbs1 in murine cells reveals its role in branching repair pathways of DNA double-strand breaks.
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