Forschungsgruppe Englert



  • Nothobranchius furzeri: A Model for Aging Research and More.
    Platzer M, Englert C
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  • Analysis of the oncogenic potential of the Wilms tumor suppressor gene 1 (Wt1)
    Reichardt C
    Dissertation 2016, Jena, Germany


  • Deciphering the Wt1 regulatory network in kidney development and homeostasis
    Dong L
    Dissertation 2015, Jena, Germany
  • Towards an understanding of kidney diseases associated with WT1 mutations.
    Dong L, Pietsch S, Englert C
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  • Integration of Cistromic and Transcriptomic Analyses Identifies Nphs2, Mafb, and Magi2 as Wilms' Tumor 1 Target Genes in Podocyte Differentiation and Maintenance.
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  • MiR-21 is required for efficient kidney regeneration in fish.
    Hoppe B, Pietsch S, Franke M, Engel S, Groth M, Platzer M, Englert C
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  • Branched-chain amino acid catabolism is a conserved regulator of physiological ageing.
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  • A role for Wt1 in female fertility
    Nathan A
    Dissertation 2015, Jena, Germany
  • Insights into Sex Chromosome Evolution and Aging from the Genome of a Short-Lived Fish.
    Reichwald* K, Petzold* A, Koch* P, Downie* BR, Hartmann* N, Pietsch S, Baumgart M, Chalopin D, Felder M, Bens M, Sahm A, Szafranski K, Taudien S, Groth M, Arisi I, Weise A, Bhatt SS, Sharma V, Kraus JM, Schmid F, Priebe S, Liehr T, Görlach M, Than ME, Hiller M, Kestler HA, Volff JN, Schartl M, Cellerino** A, Englert** C, Platzer** M
    Cell 2015, 163(6), 1527-38 * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors, featured in Cell Preview by Vanisha Lakhina and Coleen T. Murphy: Genome Sequencing Fishes out Longevity Genes. Cell. 2015 163(6):1312-3,Nature News by Ewen Callaway: Short-lived fish may hold clues to human age
  • Age-dependent decline in fin regenerative capacity in the short-lived fish Nothobranchius furzeri.
    Wendler* S, Hartmann* N, Hoppe B, Englert C
    Aging Cell 2015, 14(5), 857-66 * equal contribution