Forschungsgruppe Englert



  • The short-lived fish Nothobranchius furzeri as a new model system for aging studies.
    Terzibasi E, Valenzano DR, Cellerino A
    Exp Gerontol 2007, 42(1-2), 81-9 published during change of institution


  • Homozygous inactivation of Sox9 causes complete XY sex reversal in mice.
    Barrionuevo F, Bagheri-Fam S, Klattig J, Kist R, Taketo MM, Englert C, Scherer G
    Biol Reprod 2006, 74(1), 195-201
  • Identification and comparative expression analysis of a second wt1 gene in zebrafish.
    Bollig F, Mehringer R, Perner B, Hartung C, Schäfer M, Schartl M, Volff JN, Winkler C, Englert C
    Dev Dyn 2006, 235(2), 554-61
  • Teratogen-induced, dietary and genetic models of congenital diaphragmatic hernia share a common mechanism of pathogenesis.
    Clugston RD, Klattig J, Englert C, Clagett-Dame M, Martinovic J, Benachi A, Greer JJ
    Am J Pathol 2006, 169(5), 1541-9
  • Near-field scanning optical microscopy in cell biology and cytogenetics.
    Hausmann M, Perner B, Rapp A, Wollweber L, Scherthan H, Greulich KO
    Methods Mol Biol 2006, 319, 275-94
  • Male-biased expression of X-chromosomal DM domain-less Dmrt8 genes in the mouse.
    Veith AM, Klattig J, Dettai A, Schmidt C, Englert C, Volff JN
    Genomics 2006, 88(2), 185-95


  • Hey basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors are repressors of GATA4 and GATA6 and restrict expression of the GATA target gene ANF in fetal hearts.
    Fischer A, Klattig J, Kneitz B, Diez H, Maier M, Holtmann B, Englert C, Gessler M
    Mol Cell Biol 2005, 25(20), 8960-70 published during change of institution
  • A novel transgenic mouse model reveals humanlike regulation of an 8-kbp human TERT gene promoter fragment in normal and tumor tissues.
    Ritz JM, Kühle O, Riethdorf S, Sipos B, Deppert W, Englert C, Günes C
    Cancer Res 2005, 65(4), 1187-96 published as IMB
  • Coronary vessel development requires activation of the TrkB neurotrophin receptor by the Wilms' tumor transcription factor Wt1.
    Wagner N, Wagner KD, Theres H, Englert C, Schedl A, Scholz H
    Genes Dev 2005, 19(21), 2631-42 published as IMB