Forschungsgruppe Morrison



  • Microbiome and immuno-metabolic dysregulation in patients with major depressive disorder with atypical clinical presentation.
    Refisch A, Sen ZD, Klassert TE, Busch A, Besteher B, Danyeli LV, Helbing D, Schulze-Späte U, Stallmach A, Bauer M, Panagiotou G, Jacobsen ID, Slevogt H, Opel N, Walter M
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  • Peripheral Nerve Ageing Maintenance, repair, and CCL11 as an ageing factor
    Stockdale A
    Dissertation 2023, Jena, Germany


  • The role of exosomes in inter-cellular and inter-organ communication of the peripheral nervous system.
    Bischoff JP, Schulz A, Morrison H
    FEBS Lett 2022, 596(5), 655-64
  • Disruption of amphetamine sensitization by alteration of dendritic thin spines in the nucleus accumbens core.
    Cai WT, Kim WY, Kwak MJ, Rim H, Lee SE, Riecken LB, Morrison H, Kim JH
    J Neurochem 2022, 161(3), 266-80
  • Planning preclinical confirmatory multicenter trials to strengthen translation from basic to clinical research – a multi-stakeholder workshop report
    Drude NI, Martinez-Gamboa L, Danziger M, Collazo A, Kniffert S, Wiebach J, Nilsonne G, Konietschke F, Piper SK, Pawel S, Micheloud C, Held L, Frommlet F, Segelcke D, Pogatzki-Zahn EM, Voelkl B, Friede T, Brunner E, Dempfle A, Haller B, Jung MJ, Riecken LB, Kuhn HG, Tenbusch M, Serna Higuita LM, Remarque EJ, Grüninger-Egli SL, Manske K, Kobold S, Rivalan M, Wedekind L, Wilcke JC, Boulesteix AL, Meinhardt MW, Spanagel R, Hettmer S, von Lüttichau I, Regina C, Dirnagl U, Toelch U
    Translational Medicine Communications 2022, 7(24), doi 10.1186/s41231-022-00130-8
  • CD44 Contributes to the Regulation of MDR1 Protein and Doxorubicin Chemoresistance in Osteosarcoma.
    Gerardo-Ramírez M, Keggenhoff FL, Giam V, Becker D, Groth M, Hartmann N, Straub BK, Morrison H, Galle PR, Marquardt JU, Herrlich P, Hartmann M
    Int J Mol Sci 2022, 23(15)
  • The tumor suppressor protein merlin regulates myelin phagocytosis in Schwann cells and macrophages
    Helbing D
    Dissertation 2022, Jena, Germany
  • A Ponceau S Staining-Based Dot Blot Assay for Rapid Protein Quantification of Biological Samples.
    Helbing* DL, Böhm* L, Oraha N, Stabenow LK, Cui Y
    Gels 2022, 8(1) * equal contribution
  • Role of CD44 in metastasis formation of spontaneous osteosarcoma of Nf2-deficient mice
    Ma J
    Dissertation 2022, Jena, Germany
  • Ezrin deficiency triggers glial fibrillary acidic protein upregulation and a distinct reactive astrocyte phenotype.
    Schacke S, Kirkpatrick J, Stocksdale A, Bauer R, Hagel C, Riecken LB, Morrison H
    Glia 2022, 70(12), 2309-29