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Current Projects

We recently discovered that transient activation of innate immune response by DNA damage or probiotic feeding leads to elevated systemic stress resistance in the nematode C. elegans. Stress resistance is achieved through increased activity of the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) which maintains cellular proteomes in a "healthier" state prior to stress exposure. Our findings excitingly indicate that simple cost effective interventions could be used to promote cell maintenance and survival during stress.

In the future we aim at deeper understanding of molecular mechanisms linking protective stimuli to organ maintenance; thereby we will identify potential molecular targets for stress-protective therapeutic modulation. We will also search for novel compounds and genetic pathways linked to improved tissue homeostasis under stress in two model systems: C. elegans and murine primary cells. We will further study interplay between immunity and protein quality control in nematodes and cell culture. We will evaluate our findings in mouse models of tissue degeneration and potentially take first steps in creating stress-protective human therapies.

Current Projects we are working on are:

  • Studying effects of radiation hormesis in murine models of organ degeneration
  • High throughput screens for mediators of stress tolerance in human cells
  • Genome wide stress tolerance screens in C. elegans
  • Studying effects of diet, exercise and inflammation on metazoan longevity and homeostasis (by using C. elegans as a model organism)


Dr. Maria Ermolaeva

Maria Ermolaeva
Group Leader
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Eileen Stöckl
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Team (incomplete due to Data protection / unvollständig aufgrund DSGVO)

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Maria Ermolaeva +49 3641 656805 Group Leader
Lilia Pinela Soares Espada +49 3641 656863 Postdoc
Jose Miguel Chin Chan +49 3641 656863 Postdoc (external)
Prerana Shrikant Chaudhari +49 3641 656863 Doctoral Student
Oleksandr Dakhovnik +49 3641 656863 Doctoral Student
Asya Martirosyan +49 3641 656863 Doctoral Student
Tetiana Poliezhaieva +49 3641 656863 Doctoral Student
Isabela Santos Valentim +49 3641 656868 Doctoral Student
Yvonne Schaub +49 3641 656863 Technical Assistant
Marina Wollmann +49 3641 656105 Technical Assistant
Charlotte Ehle --- Master Student
Parvathy Raj Kongath +49 3641 656863 Master Student
Suraj Shaji +49 3641 656863 Master Student