CF Flow Cytometry (FACS)

The facility carries out sorting and flow cytometric analysis of cells and is available to FLI researchers and external users upon arrangement. In addition, the facility provides the instrumentation for sorting small living organisms (e.g. worms, small fishes) based on an optical sorting criterion.

The instrumentation includes:

  • four cell sorters
  • four analyzers
  • one BioSorter

The facility staff supports users with:

  • the planning and setting up of experiments prior to flow cytometric analysis or sorting
  • troubleshooting of technical problems
  • complete data analysis or assistance during analysis of complex data sets
  • introduction into the basics of flow cytometric analysis and operating of the machines

Sorting of

  • HSC populations/embryonic stem cells
  • muscle satellite cells
  • interneurons and neuronal reporter cells
  • podocytes
  • mouse B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and dendritic cells from lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues
  • GFP-positive cells to maintain genetically modified cells

Analysis of

  • conventional cell stainings (surface, intra-cellular, intra-nuclear)
  • DNA content vs. BrdU/EdU
  • Annexin V vs. DNA-intercalating dyes
  • fluorescent cell signaling mutants
  • enzyme complexes via Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)

Internal users:
  Download (pdf)  Additional information on sorters and analyzers

External users:
Please inquire.

Team (incomplete due to Data protection)

Name Telefon E-Mail Tätigkeit
Katrin Schubert +49 3641 656022/6758 Core Facility Manager
Linda Rothenburger +49 3641 656762/6758 Forschungsingenieur
Björn von Eyß +49 3641 656047 Wissenschaftlicher Betreuer

* unvollständig aufgrund DSGVO

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Dr. Katrin Schubert

Katrin Schubert
CF Manager
+49 3641 65-6758 or -6704

Björn von Eyß
Scientific Supervisor

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Overview CF Flow Cytometry

Overview CF Flow Cytometry