CS S2-Safety Level Laboratories

The S2 Laboratory provides the environment for working with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) at biosafety level 2 (S2). Here, potentially biohazardous GMOs, such as non-replicative viruses commonly employed for gene-expression, are utilized under appropriate safety conditions and following required registration with the state authorities.

The S2 Laboratory offers the infrastructure and equipment for tissue culture work (laminar flow hoods, incubators, microscopes, freezers, centrifuges etc.) and an autoclave for sterilization of potentially biohazardous waste materials.

Fields of Application:

The facility is used by many groups of the FLI, mostly for recombinant expression of proteins or of small hairpin RNAs in mammalian cells.


PD Dr. Christoph Kaether

Christoph Kaether
CS Manager
+49 3641 656230


Further information and guidelines for users and regarding registration and documentation procedures can be found  here for download .

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Name Phone Email Position
Christoph Kaether +49 3641 656230 christoph.kaether@leibniz-fli.de Core Service Manager
Jana Hamann +49 3641 656052 jana.hamann@leibniz-fli.de Research Engineer
Daniela Reichenbach +49 3641 656052 daniela.reichenbach@leibniz-fli.de Research Engineer

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