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  • Cellular stress triggers the human topoisomerase I damage response independently of DNA damage in a p53 controlled manner.
    Rockstroh A, Kleinert A, Kramer M, Grosse F, Søe K
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  • GenColors: annotation and comparative genomics of prokaryotes made easy.
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  • Functional characterization of two novel 5' untranslated exons reveals a complex regulation of NOD2 protein expression.
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  • High-resolution electron microscopy of helical specimens: a fresh look at tobacco mosaic virus.
    Sachse C, Chen JZ, Coureux PD, Stroupe ME, Fändrich M, Grigorieff N
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  • Isoform-specific increase of spastin stability by N-terminal missense variants including intragenic modifiers of SPG4 hereditary spastic paraplegia.
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  • Characterization of huntingtin pathologic fragments in human Huntington disease, transgenic mice, and cell models.
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  • Defective complement control of factor H (Y402H) and FHL-1 in age-related macular degeneration.
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  • Role of Human Topoisomerase I in DNA Repair and Apoptosis.
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  • Composition and hierarchical organisation of a spider silk.
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  • Legionella pathogenicity: genome structure, regulatory networks and the host cell response.
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