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  • Novel biochemical, structural and systems insights into inflammatory signaling revealed by contextual interaction proteomics
    Ciuffa R, Uliana F, Mehnert M, Marulli C, Satanowski A, Rodilla Ramírez PN, Meier P, Ori A, Gstaiger M, Aebersold R
    bioRxiv 2021, 10.1101/2021.09.18.460902
  • EpiDope: A Deep Neural Network for linear B-cell epitope prediction.
    Collatz M, Mock F, Barth E, Hölzer M, Sachse K, Marz M
    Bioinformatics 2021, 37(4), 448-55
  • Enhanced differentiation of functional human T cells in NSGW41 mice with tissue-specific expression of human interleukin-7.
    Coppin* E, Sundarasetty* BS, Rahmig S, Blume J, Verheyden NA, Bahlmann F, Ravens S, Schubert U, Schmid J, Ludwig S, Geissler K, Guntinas-Lichius O, von Kaisenberg C, Groten T, Platz A, Naumann R, Ludwig B, Prinz I, Waskow** C, Krueger** A
    Leukemia 2021 (epub ahead of print) * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors
  • Transcription factor RFX7 governs a tumor suppressor network in response to p53 and stress.
    Coronel L, Riege K, Schwab K, Förste S, Häckes D, Semerau L, Bernhart SH, Siebert R, Hoffmann** S, Fischer** M
    Nucleic Acids Res 2021, 49(13), 7437-56 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Merlin cooperates with neurofibromin and Spred1 to suppress the Ras-Erk pathway.
    Cui** Y, Ma L, Schacke S, Yin JC, Hsueh YP, Jin H, Morrison** H
    Hum Mol Genet 2021, 29(23), 3793-806 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Carrying 5-Fluorouracil in Combination with Magnetic Hyperthermia Induce Thrombogenic Collagen Fibers, Cellular Stress, and Immune Responses in Heterotopic Human Colon Cancer in Mice.
    Dabaghi M, Rasa SMM, Cirri E, Ori A, Neri F, Quaas R, Hilger I
    Pharmaceutics 2021, 13(10)
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction and loss of metabolic plasticity cause a reversal of metformin longevity benefits in late life
    Dakhovnik O
    Dissertation 2021, Jena, Germany
  • Tnfaip2/exoc3-driven lipid metabolism is essential for stem cell differentiation and organ homeostasis.
    Deb S, Felix DA, Koch P, Deb MK, Szafranski K, Buder K, Sannai M, Groth M, Kirkpatrick J, Pietsch S, Gollowitzer A, Groß A, Riemenschneider P, Koeberle A, González-Estévez** C, Rudolph** KL
    EMBO Rep 2021, 22(1), e49328 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Abundance and size of hyaluronan in naked mole-rat tissues and plasma.
    Del Marmol D, Holtze S, Kichler N, Sahm A, Bihin B, Bourguignon V, Dogné S, Szafranski K, Hildebrandt TB, Flamion B
    Sci Rep 2021, 11(1), 7951
  • Conserved exchange of paralog proteins during neuronal differentiation
    Di Fraia D, Anitei M, Mackmull MT, Parca L, Behrendt L, Andres-Pons A, Gilmour D, Helmer Citterich M, Kaether C, Beck M, Ori A
    bioRxiv 2021,