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  • Life Extension in the Short-Lived Fish Nothobranchius furzeri
    Cellerino A
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  • In vivo phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase promoter mapping identifies disrupted hormonal synergism as a target of inflammation during sepsis in mice.
    Chichelnitskiy E, Vegiopoulos A, Berriel Diaz M, Ziegler A, Kleiman A, Rauch A, Tuckermann J, Herzig S
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  • Kinesin bypassing blockages on microtubule rails.
    Dreblow K, Kalchishkova N, Böhm KJ
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  • Systematic evaluation of the effect of common SNPs on pre-mRNA splicing.
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  • Structural polymorphism of Alzheimer Abeta and other amyloid fibrils.
    Fändrich M, Meinhardt J, Grigorieff N
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  • Polyketide assembly lines of uncultivated sponge symbionts from structure-based gene targeting.
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  • DiProGB: the dinucleotide properties genome browser.
    Friedel M, Nikolajewa S, Sühnel J, Wilhelm T
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  • DiProDB: a database for dinucleotide properties.
    Friedel M, Nikolajewa S, Sühnel J, Wilhelm T
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  • An intronic single base exchange leads to a brown adipose tissue-specific loss of Ucp3 expression and an altered body mass trajectory.
    Fromme T, Hoffmann C, Nau K, Rozman J, Reichwald K, Utting M, Platzer M, Klingenspor M
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  • Centromere sequence and dynamics in Dictyostelium discoideum.
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