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  • The landscape of the alternatively spliced transcriptome remains stable during aging across different species and tissues.
    Sieber P, Barth* E, Marz* M
    bioRxiv 2019, * equal contribution
  • Increased Expression of Immature Mannose-Containing Glycoproteins and Sialic Acid in Aged Mouse Brains.
    Simon F, Bork K, Gnanapragassam VS, Baldensperger T, Glomb MA, Di Sanzo S, Ori A, Horstkorte R
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  • Gene expression profile of human T cells following a single stimulation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells with anti-CD3 antibodies.
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  • Tissue-specific Gene Expression Changes Are Associated With Aging In Mice
    Srivastava A, Barth E, Ermolaeva M, Guenther M, Frahm C, Marz M, Witte OW
    Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 2019
  • SIRT6 Is Responsible for More Efficient DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Long-Lived Species.
    Tian X, Firsanov D, Zhang Z, Cheng Y, Luo L, Tombline G, Tan R, Simon M, Henderson S, Steffan J, Goldfarb A, Tam J, Zheng K, Cornwell A, Johnson A, Yang JN, Mao Z, Manta B, Dang W, Zhang Z, Vijg J, Wolfe A, Moody K, Kennedy BK, Bohmann D, Gladyshev VN, Seluanov A, Gorbunova V
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  • Merlin modulates process outgrowth and synaptogenesis in the cerebellum.
    Toledo A, Lang F, Doengi M, Morrison H, Stein V, Baader SL
    Brain Struct Funct 2019, 224(6), 2121-42
  • AWD regulates timed activation of BMP signaling in intestinal stem cells to maintain tissue homeostasis.
    Tracy Cai X, Li H, Safyan A, Gawlik J, Pyrowolakis G, Jasper H
    Nat Commun 2019, 10(1), 2988
  • Quiescence: Good and Bad of Stem Cell Aging.
    Tümpel S, Rudolph KL
    Trends Cell Biol 2019, 29(8), 672-85
  • DREAM and RB cooperate to induce gene repression and cell-cycle arrest in response to p53 activation.
    Uxa S, Bernhart SH, Mages CFS, Fischer M, Kohler R, Hoffmann S, Stadler PF, Engeland K, Müller GA
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  • Direct RNA nanopore sequencing of full-length coronavirus genomes provides novel insights into structural variants and enables modification analysis.
    Viehweger* A, Krautwurst* S, Lamkiewicz K, Madhugiri R, Ziebuhr J, Hölzer M, Marz M
    Genome Res 2019, 29(9), 1545-54 * equal contribution