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  • Cdc45-induced loading of human RPA onto single-stranded DNA.
    Szambowska A, Tessmer I, Prus P, Schlott B, Pospiech H, Grosse F
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  • Wnt activity and basal niche position sensitize intestinal stem and progenitor cells to DNA damage.
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    EMBO J 2017, 36(19), 2920-1 Erratum for EMBO J 2015 volume 34 page 624
  • Lysine Acetylation and Deacetylation in Brain Development and Neuropathies.
    Tapias A, Wang ZQ
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  • Rictor/mTORC2 deficiency enhances keratinocyte stress tolerance via mitohormesis.
    Tassone B, Saoncella S, Neri F, Ala U, Brusa D, Magnuson MA, Provero P, Oliviero S, Riganti C, Calautti E
    Cell Death Differ 2017, 24(4), 731-46 published during change of institution
  • RHEB1 insufficiency in aged male mice is associated with stress-induced seizures.
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  • Synergistic killing of FLT3ITD-positive AML cells by combined inhibition of tyrosine-kinase activity and N-glycosylation.
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  • TRH action is impaired in pituitaries of male IGSF1-deficient mice.
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  • The sorting receptor Rer1 controls Purkinje cell function via voltage gated sodium channels.
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  • Hormesis and Defense of Infectious Disease.
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