For Building Trust in Science:
Good Scientific Practice (GSP)

Scientists break new ground every day, acquire new knowledge and make discoveries etc. In order for these to be accepted in science and society, certain rules within science need to be complied with. It is only on this basis that science can thrive and contribute to the enrichment of our society. Science has for many years formulated and established mechanisms for quality assurance and control, which should also serve to build trust.

Good scientific practice (GSP) is the essential requirement for sustainable success, trust and long-term recognition in science. Accordingly, the staff of the FLI and its predecessor institute have practiced GSP for more than 25 years and contributed to the good national and international reputation of this Leibniz Institute. FLI is steadily enhancing its own measures for ensuring compliance with standards of good scientific practice – based on the position developed and established since 1999, and guided by the latest experiences and developments in-house and elsewhere. This website provides an overview on measures, guidelines and self-commitments for the compliance with GSP at FLI.