CS Isotope Laboratory

FLI's isotope lab provides 3 bench places and equipment for typical applications of isotope work such as labeling of biomolecules, hybridization of blots, activity and binding assays and more.

The following equipment is available:

  • Gel apparatus, incl. power supplies and gel dryer
  • Phosphoimager
  • Hybridization ovens
  • Thermoblocks, table top and floor centrifuges
  • Speed vac
  • 4° refrigerator and -20° freezer
  • A small TC incubator (no CO2 – please inquire)
  • Liquid scintillation counter
  • Monitors
  • Bring your own: Pipettes, lab coat, goggles – must stay in Isotope Lab.

Bench places and equipment may be booked here.


Christian Hoischen
Radiation Protection Commissioner
+49 3641 65-6305

Compulsory legal requirements to be met before accessing the isotope lab (organize yourself):

  • Medical examination according to radiation safety regulations: before starting and once every 12 months thereafter (Contact: Anita Berthold-Adam, phone 6357)
  • Radiation protection register number (Contact: Christian Hoischen)
  • Personalized dosimeter (Contact: Annerose Gleiche, phone: 6285)
  • Radiation safety instruction - before starting and once every 12 months thereafter (Contact: Christian Hoischen)
  • Introduction into the isotope lab, just before commencing work (upon appointment; contact: Christian Hoischen)
  • NO “guest access” – please inquire.

Internal Users:
Booking of bench places and equipment

External Users:
NO “guest access” – please inquire.

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Legal Regulations:

Team (incomplete due to Data protection)

Annerose Gleiche+49 3641 656282/6285annerose.gleiche@~@leibniz-fli.deTechnical Assistant
Jens Bösger+49 3641 656072jens.boesger@~@leibniz-fli.deRadiation protection commissioner
Christian Hoischen+49 3641 656305christian.hoischen@~@leibniz-fli.deRadiation protection commissioner

* incomplete due to Data protection

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