Herrlich Research Group



  • Regulation of Son of sevenless by the membrane-actin linker protein ezrin.
    Geißler KJ, Jung MJ, Riecken LB, Sperka T, Cui Y, Schacke S, Merkel U, Markwart R, Rubio I, Than ME, Breithaupt C, Peuker S, Seifert R, Kaupp UB, Herrlich P, Morrison H
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110(51), 20587-92
  • Who decides when to cleave an ectodomain?
    Hartmann M, Herrlich A, Herrlich P
    Trends Biochem Sci 2013, 38(3), 111-20
  • The responsibility of the scientist. What can history teach us about how scientists should handle research that has the potential to create harm?
    Herrlich P
    EMBO Rep 2013, 14(9), 759-64
  • A link between two tumorigenic proteins, CD44 and p21(WAF1): CD44 increases phorbol ester-induced expression of p21(WAF1) by stabilizing its mRNA and extending protein half-life.
    Lindner C, Urbánek P, Pavelka B, Hartmann M, Herrlich P
    FEBS Lett 2013, 587(16), 2698-704
  • Dual functions of the LIM-domain protein nTrip6 in transcriptional regulation
    Reich D
    Dissertation 2013, Jena, Germany


  • Evaluation of different biomarkers to predict individual radiosensitivity in an inter-laboratory comparison--lessons for future studies.
    Greve B, Bölling T, Amler S, Rössler U, Gomolka M, Mayer C, Popanda O, Dreffke K, Rickinger A, Fritz E, Eckardt-Schupp F, Sauerland C, Braselmann H, Sauter W, Illig T, Riesenbeck D, Könemann S, Willich N, Mörtl S, Eich HT, Schmezer P
    PLoS One 2012, 7(10), e47185
  • Inside-out regulation of ectodomain cleavage: The state of a serine in the intracelluar tail of CD44 regulates ectodomain accessibility by ADAMs
    Hartmann M
    Dissertation 2012, Jena, Germany
  • CD44 Promotes Intoxication by the Clostridial Iota-Family Toxins.
    Wigelsworth DJ, Ruthel G, Schnell L, Herrlich P, Blonder J, Veenstra TD, Carman RJ, Wilkins TD, Van Nhieu GT, Pauillac S, Gibert M, Sauvonnet N, Stiles BG, Popoff MR, Barth H
    PLoS One 2012, 7(12), e51356


  • Protein-tyrosine phosphatase DEP-1 controls receptor tyrosine kinase FLT3 signaling.
    Arora D, Stopp S, Böhmer SA, Schons J, Godfrey R, Masson K, Razumovskaya E, Rönnstrand L, Tänzer S, Bauer R, Böhmer FD, Müller JP
    J Biol Chem 2011, 286(13), 10918-29
  • Epidermal growth factor (EGF) ligand release by substrate-specific a disintegrin and metalloproteases (ADAMs) involves different protein kinase C (PKC) isoenzymes depending on the stimulus.
    Dang M, Dubbin K, D'Aiello A, Hartmann M, Lodish H, Herrlich A
    J Biol Chem 2011, 286(20), 17704-13

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The JBC paper on Ectodomain Cleavage has been selected as one of the best JBC papers of the year.