Herrlich Research Group



  • Growth factor and co-receptor release by structural regulation of substrate metalloprotease accessibility.
    Parra* LM, Hartmann* M, Schubach S, Ma J, Herrlich** P, Herrlich** A
    Sci Rep 2016, 6, 37464 * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors


  • Inside-out Regulation of Ectodomain Cleavage of Cluster-of-Differentiation-44 [CD44] and of Neuregulin-1 requires Substrate Dimerization.
    Hartmann M, Parra LM, Ruschel A, Lindner C, Morrison H, Herrlich** A, Herrlich** P
    J Biol Chem 2015, 290(28), 17041-54 ** co-senior authors, 2015 Best of jbc Papers of the Week Winner
  • Tumor suppressor NF2 blocks cellular migration by inhibiting ectodomain cleavage of CD44.
    Hartmann* M, Parra* LM, Ruschel A, Schubert S, Li Y, Morrison H, Herrlich** A, Herrlich** P
    Mol Cancer Res 2015, 13(5), 879-90 * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors
  • RHAMM deficiency disrupts folliculogenesis resulting in female hypofertility.
    Li H, Moll J, Winkler A, Frappart L, Brunet S, Hamann J, Kroll T, Verlhac MH, Heuer H, Herrlich P, Ploubidou A
    Biol Open 2015, 4(4), 562-71
  • Distinct Intracellular Domain Substrate Modifications Selectively Regulate Ectodomain Cleavage of NRG1 or CD44
    Parra* LM, Hartmann* M, Schubach S, Li Y, Herrlich P, Herrlich A
    Mol Cell Biol 2015, 35(19), 3381-95 * equal contribution
  • The co-receptor function of CD44v6 and the effect of conditional deletion of CD44 isoforms on wound healing
    Ruschel A
    Dissertation 2015, Jena, Germany


  • The LIM Domain Protein nTRIP6 Recruits the Mediator Complex to AP-1-Regulated Promoters.
    Diefenbacher* ME, Reich* D, Dahley O, Kemler D, Litfin M, Herrlich P, Kassel O
    PLoS One 2014, 9(5), e97549 * equal contribution
  • CD44 controls gene expression levels via two independent molecular actions
    Lindner C
    Dissertation 2014, Jena, Germany
  • Novel mechanism of JNK pathway activation by adenoviral E1A.
    Romanov* VS, Brichkina* AI, Morrison H, Pospelova TV, Pospelov VA, Herrlich P
    Oncotarget 2014, 5(8), 2176-86 * equal contribution


  • Regulated ADAM17-dependent EGF family ligand release by substrate-selecting signaling pathways.
    Dang M, Armbruster N, Miller MA, Cermeno E, Hartmann M, Bell GW, Root DE, Lauffenburger DA, Lodish HF, Herrlich A
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110(24), 9776-81 Editors' Choice

Best Paper

The JBC paper on Ectodomain Cleavage has been selected as one of the best JBC papers of the year.