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  • Prospective isolation of non-hematopoietic cells of the niche and their differential molecular interactions with HSCs.
    Mende N, Jolly A, Percin GI, Günther M, Rostovskaya M, Krishnan SM, Oostendorp RAJ, Dahl A, Anastassiadis K, Höfer T, Waskow C
    Blood 2019 (epub ahead of print)
  • Viral host prediction with Deep Learning.
    Mock F, Viehweger A, Barth E, Marz M
    bioRxiv 2019,
  • Age-related central regulation of orexin and NPY in the short lived African killifish Nothobranchius furzeri.
    Montesano* A, Baumgart* M, Avallone L, Castaldo L, Lucini C, Terzibasi Tozzini E, Cellerino** A, D'Angelo** L, de Girolamo** P
    J Comp Neurol 2019, 527(9), 1508-26 * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors
  • A comprehensive annotation and differential expression analysis of short and long non-coding RNAs in 16 bat genomes
    Mostajo Berrospi* N, Lataretu* M, Krautwurst S, Mock F, Desirò D, Lamkiewicz K, Collatz M, Schoen A, Weber F, Marz* M, Hölzer* M
    bioRxiv 2019, * equal contribution
  • PIM1 inhibition effectively enhances plerixafor-induced HSC mobilization by counteracting CXCR4 upregulation and blocking CXCL12 secretion.
    Müller TA, Pennisi S, Zwick A, Decker S, Klein C, Rister B, Rudorf A, Kissel S, Follo M, Wäsch R, Illert AL, Pfeifer D, Oostendorp R, Waskow C, Dierks C, Duyster J
    Leukemia 2019, 33(5), 1296-301 published during change of institution
  • Comparison of protein quantification in a complex background by DIA and TMT workflows with fixed instrument time.
    Muntel* J, Kirkpatrick* J, Bruderer R, Huang T, Vitek O, Ori** A, Reiter** L
    J Proteome Res 2019, 18(3), 1340-51 * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors
  • Constitutive activation of the alternative NF-κB pathway disturbs endochondral ossification.
    Nakatomi C, Nakatomi M, Matsubara T, Komori T, Doi-Inoue T, Ishimaru N, Weih F, Iwamoto T, Matsuda M, Kokabu S, Jimi E
    Bone 2019, 121, 29-41
  • ORP3 is a tumor suppressor protein in the B-cell lineage of aging mice
    Njeru SN
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • Metastatic-niche labelling reveals parenchymal cells with stem features.
    Ombrato L, Nolan E, Kurelac I, Mavousian A, Bridgeman VL, Heinze I, Chakravarty P, Horswell S, Gonzalez-Gualda E, Matacchione G, Weston A, Kirkpatrick J, Husain E, Speirs V, Collinson L, Ori A, Lee JH, Malanchi I
    Nature 2019, 572(7771), 603-8
  • The Myb-MuvB Complex Is Required for YAP-Dependent Transcription of Mitotic Genes.
    Pattschull G, Walz S, Gründl M, Schwab M, Rühl E, Baluapuri A, Cindric-Vranesic A, Kneitz S, Wolf E, Ade CP, Rosenwald A, von Eyss B, Gaubatz S
    Cell Rep 2019, 27(12), 3533-3546.e7