CS Histology, Pathology & Electron Microscopy

The Core Service provides services to FLI researchers for standard histological techniques, including processing of tissues, sectioning and preparation of samples for the EM. EM service for external users is available upon arrangement.

Some standard histological stainings are also available, carried out either by the CS staff or by users themselves with guidance provided by the CS staff where appropriate.

Pathology assessment of sections is supported by an experienced pathologist, who may be contacted in advance directly if help is desired.

The major services include paraffin sections, cryo-sections and histological stainings (H&E, Masson-Trichrome, NADH, Sirius Red, COX, Sudan-3).

The CS maintains the following equipment:

  • Tissue processor
  • Embedding center
  • 2 Microtomes
  • Ultramicrotome for EM
  • 3 Cryostats
  • Automatic stainer for H&E staining
  • Cover slipper
  • Transmission electron microscope
  • Some secondary antibodies (fluorescent and Peroxidase), available upon request
Mouse kidney: Masson trichrome staining
FLI: Mouse kidney
Microvilli of an N. furzeri proximal renal tubule (bar = 1µm)
FLI: Microvilli of an N. furzeri proximal renal tubule


Dr. Julia von Maltzahn

Julia von Maltzahn
CS Manager
+49 3641 65-6720

Group Website

Please make arrangements with Lucien Frappart (Lucien.frappart@leibniz-fli.de) directly in advance.

Contact Linda Rothenburger (linda.rothenburger@leibniz-fli.de) or Sabine Matz (sabine.matz@leibniz-fli.de)

For H&E contact Linda Rothenburger (linda.rothenburger@leibniz-fli.de), for all other stainings Sabine Matz (sabine.matz@leibniz-fli.de)

Electron microscopy:
Contact either Julia von Maltzahn (julia.vonmaltzahn@leibniz-fli.de) or Katrin Buder (katrin.buder@leibniz-fli.de).

Internal users:
Guideline for Histology Users  Download (pdf in English) 
|   Download (pdf in German) 

External users:
Please inquire with Julia von Maltzahn.

Team (incomplete due to Data protection)

Name Phone Email Position
Julia von Maltzahn +49 3641 656720 julia.vonmaltzahn@leibniz-fli.de Core Service Manager
Katrin Buder +49 3641 656173 katrin.buder@leibniz-fli.de Technical Assistant
Sabine Landmann-Weinsheimer +49 3641 656007 sabine.landmann-weinsheimer@leibniz-fli.de Technical Assistant
Sabine Matz +49 3641 656301 sabine.matz@leibniz-fli.de Technical Assistant

* incomplete due to Data protection

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