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  • Boolean networks with biologically relevant rules show ordered behavior.
    Nikolajewa S, Friedel M, Wilhelm T
    Biosystems 2007, 90(1), 40-7
  • BioBayesNet: a web server for feature extraction and Bayesian network modeling of biological sequence data.
    Nikolajewa S, Pudimat R, Hiller M, Platzer M, Backofen R
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  • Hepatocyte growth factor-induced Ras activation requires ERM proteins linked to both CD44v6 and F-actin.
    Orian-Rousseau* V, Morrison* H, Matzke A, Kastilan T, Pace G, Herrlich P, Ponta H
    Mol Biol Cell 2007, 18(1), 76-83 * equal contribution, published during change of institution
  • Endosymbiont-dependent host reproduction maintains bacterial-fungal mutualism.
    Partida-Martinez LP, Monajembashi S, Greulich KO, Hertweck C
    Curr Biol 2007, 17(9), 773-7
  • The Wilms tumor genes wt1a and wt1b control different steps during formation of the zebrafish pronephros.
    Perner B, Englert C, Bollig F
    Dev Biol 2007, 309(1), 87-96
  • A novel Dps-type protein from insect gut bacteria catalyses hydrolysis and synthesis of N-acyl amino acids.
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  • Constitutive upregulation of the transforming growth factor-beta pathway in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts.
    Pohlers D, Beyer A, Koczan D, Wilhelm T, Thiesen HJ, Kinne RW
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  • Human Cdc45 is a proliferation-associated antigen.
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  • Cdc45 degradation during differentiation and apoptosis.
    Pollok S, Grosse F
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  • Broadband homonuclear chemical shift correlation at high MAS frequencies: a study of tanh/tan adiabatic RF pulse schemes without 1H decoupling during mixing.
    Riedel K, Herbst C, Leppert J, Ohlenschläger O, Görlach M, Ramachandran R
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