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  • Corrigendum: Regulation of microRNA expression in the neuronal stem cell niches during aging of the short-lived annual fish Nothobranchius furzeri.
    Terzibasi Tozzini E, Savino A, Ripa R, Battistoni G, Baumgart M, Cellerino A
    Front Cell Neurosci 2018, 12, 227 Erratum for Front Cell Neurosci 2014 volume 8 page 51
  • Neurofibromatosis type 2 tumor suppressor protein is expressed in oligodendrocytes and regulates cell proliferation and process formation.
    Toledo* A, Grieger* E, Karram K, Morrison H, Baader SL
    PLoS One 2018, 13(5), e0196726 * equal contribution
  • Induction chemoradiotherapy versus induction chemotherapy for potentially resectable stage IIIA (N2) non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Tong S, Qin Z, Wan M, Zhang L, Cui Y, Yao Y
    J Thorac Dis 2018, 10(4), 2428-36
  • Rapidly evolving changes and gene loss associated with host switching in Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis.
    Viana MVC, Sahm A, Góes Neto A, Figueiredo HCP, Wattam AR, Azevedo V
    PLoS One 2018, 13(11), e0207304
  • Limited scope for reproductive senescence in wild populations of a short-lived fish.
    Vrtílek M, Žák J, Blažek R, Polačik M, Cellerino A, Reichard M
    Naturwissenschaften 2018, 105(11-12), 68
  • Senescence mirrors the extent of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C virus infection.
    Wandrer F, Han B, Liebig S, Schlue J, Manns MP, Schulze-Osthoff K, Bantel H
    Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2018, 48(3), 270-80
  • A subset of chemosensory genes differs between two populations of a specialized leaf beetle after host plant shift.
    Wang D, Pentzold S, Kunert M, Groth M, Brandt W, Pasteels JM, Boland W, Burse A
    Ecol Evol 2018, 8(16), 8055-75
  • NUFIP1 is a ribosome receptor for starvation-induced ribophagy.
    Wyant* GA, Abu-Remaileh* M, Frenkel EM, Laqtom NN, Dharamdasani V, Lewis CA, Chan SH, Heinze I, Ori** A, Sabatini** DM
    Science 2018, 360(6390), 751-8 * equal contribution, ** co-corresponding authors
  • A p300 and SIRT1 Regulated Acetylation Switch of C/EBPα Controls Mitochondrial Function.
    Zaini MA, Müller C, de Jong TV, Ackermann T, Hartleben G, Kortman G, Gührs KH, Fusetti F, Krämer OH, Guryev V, Calkhoven CF
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  • Influence of sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling on HCMV replication in human embryonal lung fibroblasts.
    Zilch A, Rien C, Weigel C, Huskobla S, Glück B, Spengler K, Sauerbrei A, Heller R, Gräler M, Henke A
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