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  • Inside-out Regulation of Ectodomain Cleavage of Cluster-of-Differentiation-44 [CD44] and of Neuregulin-1 requires Substrate Dimerization.
    Hartmann M, Parra LM, Ruschel A, Lindner C, Morrison H, Herrlich** A, Herrlich** P
    J Biol Chem 2015, 290(28), 17041-54 ** co-senior authors, 2015 Best of jbc Papers of the Week Winner
  • Tumor suppressor NF2 blocks cellular migration by inhibiting ectodomain cleavage of CD44.
    Hartmann* M, Parra* LM, Ruschel A, Schubert S, Li Y, Morrison H, Herrlich** A, Herrlich** P
    Mol Cancer Res 2015, 13(5), 879-90 * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors
  • RHAMM deficiency disrupts folliculogenesis resulting in female hypofertility.
    Li H, Moll J, Winkler A, Frappart L, Brunet S, Hamann J, Kroll T, Verlhac MH, Heuer H, Herrlich P, Ploubidou A
    Biol Open 2015, 4(4), 562-71
  • Distinct Intracellular Domain Substrate Modifications Selectively Regulate Ectodomain Cleavage of NRG1 or CD44
    Parra* LM, Hartmann* M, Schubach S, Li Y, Herrlich P, Herrlich A
    Mol Cell Biol 2015, 35(19), 3381-95 * equal contribution
  • The co-receptor function of CD44v6 and the effect of conditional deletion of CD44 isoforms on wound healing
    Ruschel A
    Dissertation 2015, Jena, Germany


  • The LIM Domain Protein nTRIP6 Recruits the Mediator Complex to AP-1-Regulated Promoters.
    Diefenbacher* ME, Reich* D, Dahley O, Kemler D, Litfin M, Herrlich P, Kassel O
    PLoS One 2014, 9(5), e97549 * equal contribution
  • CD44 controls gene expression levels via two independent molecular actions
    Lindner C
    Dissertation 2014, Jena, Germany
  • Novel mechanism of JNK pathway activation by adenoviral E1A.
    Romanov* VS, Brichkina* AI, Morrison H, Pospelova TV, Pospelov VA, Herrlich P
    Oncotarget 2014, 5(8), 2176-86 * equal contribution


  • Regulated ADAM17-dependent EGF family ligand release by substrate-selecting signaling pathways.
    Dang M, Armbruster N, Miller MA, Cermeno E, Hartmann M, Bell GW, Root DE, Lauffenburger DA, Lodish HF, Herrlich A
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110(24), 9776-81 Editors' Choice
  • Regulation of Son of sevenless by the membrane-actin linker protein ezrin.
    Geißler KJ, Jung MJ, Riecken LB, Sperka T, Cui Y, Schacke S, Merkel U, Markwart R, Rubio I, Than ME, Breithaupt C, Peuker S, Seifert R, Kaupp UB, Herrlich P, Morrison H
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110(51), 20587-92

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