CF Bioinformatics

The facility provides bioinformatics support to FLI scientists – in particular if the analysis of experimental data requires complex algorithms, advanced statistics or high performance computational power for processing, due to its large scale (e.g., data from CF DNA Sequencing or CF Proteomics). Additionally, the facility aims at supporting the analysis of high-throughput microscopy data generated by the CF Imaging.

A bioinformatics project is initialized via discussion between users and the Facility staff on the envisioned data structure and analysis goals. This initial step should ideally be an integral part of the design of the experimental work to follow. Bioinformatics solutions are realized by application of established methods and pipelines, as well as by the implementation or development of new software tools and approaches.


Services (a selection):

  • DNA and protein sequence analyses and database mining
  • Differential expression analyses of RNA-seq, proteomics or metabolomics experiments
  • ChIP-seq data analysis
  • (Epi)genetic variant discovery and functional annotation
  • Gene set / pathway enrichment analysis
  • Consultation and training on bioinformatics and biostatistics
High-performance computing nodes and storage systems are available for large-scale data analysis.
FLI: High-performance storage systems


Karol Szafranski
CF Manager
+49 3641 65-6804

Overview CF Bioinformatics

Overview CF Bioinformatics
  • Enrichment analysis of an shRNA library set-up
  • Improvements of the N. furzeri genome sequence with PacBio data
  • ChIP-seq analysis of Hoxa9 in myoblastoma cells
  • Pipeline development: from protein mass spectrometry data to functional expression analysis

Internal users:
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External users:
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Name Phone Email Position
Karol Szafranski +49 3641 656804 Core Facility Manager
Ramadurai Ramachandran +49 3641 656222 Staff Scientist
Philipp Koch +49 3641 656053 Postdoc
Robert Schwarz --- Master Student
Jürgen Sühnel +49 3641 656200 Consultant
Matthias Platzer +49 3641 656241 Scientific Supervisor

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