Jasper Cooperation Group

Current Projects

Our lab studies how diverse inputs such as growth and stress signaling pathways (e.g. Insulin, JNK), metabolic processes and proteasome stress influence stem cells and how these inputs change during aging.

Furthermore, our lab is interested in the intrinsic controls that govern the unique identity of adult stem cells. We have discovered several key players that control stem cell maintenance and differentiation and are continuing to expand our knowledge on the transcriptional network that governs adult stem cell identity.

We are collaborating with the groups Ori and Rudolph to find common mechanisms in organismal aging at the stem cell level. To address our questions, the lab uses a wide range of molecular, genetic, genomic and imaging techniques such as FACS, RNA-Seq, clonal analysis of stem cell division, confocal imaging and organoid culture.

Jasper: Microscope image of the Drosophila adult midgut


Prof. Dr. Heinrich Jasper

Heinrich Jasper
Cooperation Group Leader

Jerome Korzelius
Post-Doctoral Fellow
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Photo: Buck Institute for Research on Aging